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Stop looking for prospects and start closing deals.


The Strategic Sales Division of OnTarget Partners

  • We Do:  Strategic Business Development Problem Solving

  • We Execute:  Using the Best Tactical Marketing Tech Stack with Human Execution

  • We Do: Targeted Prospecting Research

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OnTarget Partners is the tech industry leader in "Go-To-Market" and strategic Business Development programs.

  • Create Loyalty and Allegiance with your Partners

  • Neutralize the 80/20 MRR Effect

  • Develop Greenfield and Whitespace

  • Elevate your brand from hundreds of competing offerings

Partner Revenue Program 

Channel Master is a turnkey combination of human-powered business development combined with automated, intelligent marketing offered as a complete service for your company and alliance and channel partners.

Channel Master is the only alliance and partner channel program that focuses on your end-customer's business challenges to the benefit of you and your partners. 


We Boost Your Program for Success

  • We demonstrate our value tracking the web traffic we create for you.

  • We build and boost your LinkedIn presence.

  • We help you prove your market with surveys and interviews.

Give us your Top of Funnel and Go-To-Market challenges and we will give you back new business to close.  Stop looking for prospects and start closing deals.

Current State
Current State.png

Together,  we analyze the past performance and current state of your business goals for market penetration.  We review what worked and what has not.  Together, with you, we decide your best-desired outcomes, your timelines, and a financial model that works.

Desired State
Desired State.png

Detailed program design establishes the size of the team we will need to gather to support your goals.  The team may be comprised of: project managers; sales or market development reps; sales or market program architects; market researchers; data specialists; and/or integration technologists.


OnTarget delivers your program and mitigates your risk variables, week after week. We constantly evaluate program performance, SDR deliverables, data quality, and program efficacy. We adjust and continue improving your program together and without failure.  Success is the beacon we follow to your satisfaction.

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