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OnTarget Partners

Unlimited Pipeline Growth for SI's, Alliance,  and Technology Providers.

that changes the way B2B partners
sell together.



  Partner Marketing as a Service (PMAAS)

What is PMASS?  What if you could create a truly productive demand generation program that benefits all partners with a transparent ROI? 

Channel Master '24 is a turnkey and unique combination of human-powered business development combined with an automated, AI-based marketing system that contains the best in demand gen tools and reporting.  It is offered as a complete Inbound/Outbound demand generation service for your company, alliances, and channel partners.  How it is managed and configured is completely up to you.

There is nothing like Channel Master.

The problem:

  • Misalignment of GoToMarket objectives has existed for too long between partners.  Greenfield vs Land/Expand creates commercial friction.

  • Loyalty and Allegiance to your brand from your partners, but moved away from your competitors is not easy.

  • 80% of channel MRR revenue comes from the same 20% of partners.  Or is that 90/10?

  • Marketing organizations struggle to show ROI with Market Development Funds (MDF) and struggle with dedicated partner-specific programs.

  • Partners are implementation and support experts, but struggle with new business development.

Channel Master is the only alliance and partner channel demand generation program that focuses on your end-customer's business challenges to the benefit of technology providers and channel partners. 

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We Boost Your Program for Success

  • We demonstrate our value via the demand we create for you.

  • We focus on solution selling and your company goals.

  • We help you prove your marketing efforts by providing Top of Funnel MQL's

Give us your Top of Funnel and Go-To-Market challenges and we will give you back new business to close.  Stop looking for prospects and start closing deals.

Current State

Together,  we analyze the past performance and current state of your business goals for market penetration.  We review what worked and what has not.  Together, with you, we decide your best-desired outcomes, your timelines, and a financial model that works.

Desired State
Happy Channel partners and alliances

Detailed program design establishes the size of the team we will need to gather to support your goals.  The team may be comprised of: project managers; sales or market development reps; sales or market program architects; market researchers; data specialists; and/or integration technologists.

Signed contract

OnTarget delivers your program and mitigates your risk variables, week after week. We constantly evaluate program performance, SDR deliverables, data quality, and program efficacy. We adjust and continue improving your program together and without failure.  Success is the beacon we follow to your satisfaction.

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