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Where does Generative AI fit in your company?

Generative AI is here.  With all the talk about ChatGPT, GPT 4, Midjourney, Dall-E 2, Synthesia, and many more, has your executive team created a shared vision for GenAI to insure your company's future?  Where does governance fit?  How will we adapt?

Channel Master Program

A technology company has a Partner program, but partners are slow to develop new opportunities or have a lack of focus on the company’s offerings.
Enter “Channel Master".

Introducing OnTarget Partner's ReachFartherNow! Channel Master program. The industry's first customizable ChannelPartner Demand Generation program exclusively built to support your partner-centric sales model.

In 2023, OnTarget Partners commissioned a study during our conversations with more than 150 technology providers, System Integrators, GSI's, an Alliance Partners.  There are several constants that have existed for decades in the channel. Here is a summary of the results of that study:

  • The 80/20 Rule is alive and well.  80% of channel revenue comes from the same 20% of partners

  • Partners who resell your products and services are implementation and aftersale support experts, but struggle with new business development.

  • Loyalty and brand protection does not align with an agnostic approach to customer problem-solving.

  • Channel conflict between your sales teams and your partners fracture relationships.

  • Channel Partners balance between 50-200 different technologies all with competing portals, demands, and commitments.

  • Alliance Partners such as AWS, Microsoft, & Google expect commitment, continuous innovation, and investment.

  • Greenfield, Whitespace, and Account Expansion require investment and focus.

  • Inhouse BDR programs are difficult to scale and require constant investment

  • Marketing organizations struggle to show ROI with Market Development Funds. (MDF)

Here’s where we can help. We’ve developed a new business development program that bolts onto your existing business development efforts. The Channel Master program will: 

  • Completely scale your BD program with a manageable shared risk model between your partners and your company 

  • Create new forms of product loyalty within your partner and alliance channels 

  • Drive new pipeline with improved opportunity forecast accuracy. 

  • Create proof of dedication to your Partner-Centric model

The ReachFartherNow! program is customized to suit each company's need. To learn more about this and other programs, please reach out to for email, or click the "Contact Us" button in the top right corner of this page.

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