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Where does Generative AI fit in your company?

Generative AI is here.  With all the talk about ChatGPT, GPT 4, Midjourney, Dall-E 2, Synthesia, and many more, has your executive team created a shared vision for GenAI to insure your company's future?  Where does governance fit?  How will we adapt?

FinTech & Real Time Payments

A large FinTech wants to influence industries such as Healthcare, Gaming, Banking, Credit Unions, and Telco with its approach to Real Time Payments connectivity. ReachFartherNow! can help.

OnTarget Partner's ReachFartherNow! program can play a crucial role in assisting the large FinTech company in influencing industries such as Healthcare, Gaming, Banking, Credit Unions, and Telco with its approach to Real Time Payments connectivity. Here are some ways ReachFartherNow! can help:

1. Market Research: ReachFurtherNow! conducts extensive market research to identify the key players and stakeholders in each industry. This research can provide insights into market trends, competitor analysis, regulatory requirements, and customer preferences, which can help the FinTech company tailor its approach to each industry.

2. Partnership Identification: By leveraging their network and industry knowledge, ReachFartherNow! can identify potential strategic partners for the FinTech company. These partners could include healthcare providers, gaming companies, banks, credit unions, and telecommunication companies that are interested in adopting real-time payment solutions. Collaborating with established industry players can help the FinTech company gain credibility and expand its reach.

3. Relationship Building: ReachFartherNow! assists in building relationships with key decision-makers and influencers in the target industries. This may involve arranging meetings, networking events, and facilitating introductions to key stakeholders. Developing strong relationships with industry leaders can help the FinTech company gain trust and support for its real-time payment solutions.

4. Customized Solutions: Each industry has unique requirements and challenges when it comes to adopting real-time payment connectivity. ReachFartherNow! will work closely with the FinTech company to understand these specific needs and help tailor the solutions accordingly. This may involve customization of the FinTech company's existing products or developing new offerings to meet industry-specific demands.

5. Go-to-Market Strategy: ReachFartherNow! will assist in developing a comprehensive go-to-market strategy for each industry. This strategy may include pricing models, marketing campaigns, distribution channels, and sales tactics that align with the industry's dynamics. By tailoring the approach for each industry, the FinTech company can effectively position its real-time payment solutions and generate interest among potential clients.

6. Regulatory Navigation : Different industries have varying regulatory frameworks and compliance requirements. ReachFartherNow! can help the FinTech company navigate through these complexities by providing insights into industry-specific regulations and ensuring that the real-time payment solutions are compliant. This can minimize legal risks and enhance the FinTech company's reputation in the market.

7. Industry Advocacy: As part of their role, ReachFartherNow! can act as an advocate for the FinTech company within the target industries. They can promote the benefits of real-time payment connectivity, educate industry stakeholders on its advantages, and address any concerns or objections raised. By actively participating in industry events, conferences, and associations, ReachFurtherNow! can help raise awareness and create a favorable environment for the adoption of real-time payment solutions.

By design, ReachFartherNow! can provide valuable support to the large FinTech company and other RTP support systems by leveraging its market knowledge, industry relationships, and strategic insights. Our assistance can help the FinTech company penetrate new industries and successfully influence them with our approach to Market Adoption and promotion strategies.

The ReachFartherNow! program is customized to suit each company's need. To learn more about this and other programs, please reach out to for email, or click the Get started now! button in the bottom right and chat with a representative immediately.

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