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Where does Generative AI fit in your company?

Generative AI is here.  With all the talk about ChatGPT, GPT 4, Midjourney, Dall-E 2, Synthesia, and many more, has your executive team created a shared vision for GenAI to insure your company's future?  Where does governance fit?  How will we adapt?

Discreet Communications

A Senior Executive wants to avoid disrupting the company's marketplace and/or employee base with discreet research, and isn't sure how to execute this. We can make this happen.

Discreet research services come with their own set of elements of care and strategy. ReachFartherNow! can help your company navigate any special needs for:

1. Off-site research: OnTarget Partners and ReachFartherNow! can leverage remote collaboration tools and techniques to conduct research off-site, away from your company premises. By doing so, employees are less likely to notice any unusual activity or become curious about the research being conducted.

2. Customized research plans and anonymous or third-party communication: ReachFartherNow! can establish communication channels that do not reveal their identity.

3. Limited involvement of internal staff: To maintain discretion, ReachFartherNow! can limit the involvement of internal staff in the research process. By keeping the research team separate from the employee base, it reduces the likelihood of data leaks or incomplete information.

4. Discreet data collection: If data collection requires the participation of employees, ReachFartherNow! can ensure that it is conducted subtly and without drawing attention while using tools that maintain confidentiality.

5. Ongoing progress updates: To maintain an appropriate amount of transparency, ReachFartherNow! will provide periodic updates to the CEO on research progress.

The ReachFartherNow! program is customized to suit each company's need. To learn more about this and other programs, please reach out to for email, or click Get Started Now! button in the bottom right and chat with a representative immediately.

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